be the 3 percent: a leadership lesson we all need

Go Blog Social blogging conference for Midwest Bloggers at Berg Event Space in Kansas City April 2015. Kayla Craig | Many Sparrows Blog. gts 250 характеристики Pre-kids Kayla took on-a-whim trips all the time. Two littles later, my spontaneity has waned. But when I got an email about a ticket to the Go Blog Social writing/blogging conference in Kansas City — with just a week’s notice — I knew it was something I wanted to make happen.

Go Blog Social blogging conference for Midwest Bloggers at Berg Event Space in Kansas City April 2015. Kayla Craig | Many Sparrows Blog.

Because I have an awesome husband willing to take the reigns at home and lovely bloggin’ mama friend (here’s lookin’ at you, Erin!) down to make the trek with me, I was able to sneak in a lovely little getaway. (Annnnd, I chopped off six inches from my hair a day before I left. Successful lob? You be the judge.)

I found myself immersed in the gorgeous Berg Event Space in KC’s Power & Light District, scribbling notes (and, let’s be honest — lots of tweeting) inspired by some on-point girl bosses.


http://xn--h1ahj.xn--p1ai/sveden/vacant/sitemap80.html получил свидетельство переселенца что дальше An unofficial theme emerged at Go Blog Social 2015: Authenticity. Here’s what I learned:

обручальные кольца на руках As women, we wrestle with authenticity. It’s tough to be vulnerable — it’s uncomfortable to put ourselves out there. But when we do? Big things happen, friends.

Go Blog Social blogging conference for Midwest Bloggers at Berg Event Space in Kansas City April 2015. Kayla Craig | Many Sparrows Blog. можно ли соду при беременности I came to the conference weary about my online presence. I wondered if I was just adding to the noise. (Switchfoot has an old song with lyrics, “If I’m adding to the noise, turn off this song.”) and that’s kind of how I was feeling. I doubted that my words mattered.

орджоникидзе никополь расписание And then Alissa Circle, co-founder of Pollinate Media, kicked off the conference with so much truth.

  • “You have a story to tell. Tell it. Don’t try to mimic someone else.”
  • “Don’t play the comparison game — write what you’re passionate about.”
  • “Be authentic. Write about what you love — that’s the greatest thing about blogging.”

презентация про воздух Alissa gave tangible, real-life tips for work-at-home mamas. Her advice for scheduling your day and making yourself — and your family — a priority was so life-giving to me as I navigate that mythical work-life balance as a freelance editor/part-time journalist/blogger/mama to littles/pastor’s wife/small-town dweller/ALLTHETHINGS.

Meggan Wood, creator of the absolutely lovely Lily Jade designer diaper bags, left me encouraged that you can create beautiful things without sacrificing the heart and soul behind your work.

Go Blog Social blogging conference for Midwest Bloggers at Berg Event Space in Kansas City April 2015. Kayla Craig | Many Sparrows Blog. #goblogsocial #gbs2015

Go Blog Social was a little fist-bump and small rest from a pretty wild and crazy life. The one-on-one girl time I got with my friend Erin refreshed my soul. Being in a room full of creative women living life on purpose? Energizing and encouraging in all the right ways. (Though, I missed my tribe and was so thrilled to come home!)

Oh! We also received some prettttty awesome swag bags filled with amazing products like this swoon-worthy Kevin Murphy Resort Spray and my new fave face lotion — Lumene Blur Now Pore Minimizer. Maybe I should become a beauty blogger. 😉

If you’re a Midwest dweller diving into online media, be sure to follow Go Blog Social.

(Thank you to the gorgeous Katelyn, for the ticket and opportunity to attend.)

Go Blog Social blogging conference for Midwest Bloggers at Berg Event Space in Kansas City April 2015. Kayla Craig | Many Sparrows Blog.

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savor by shauna niequist review (& giveaway!)

Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are by Shauna Niequist Popular Christian writer Shauna Niequist has compiled her favorite recipes, stories and Scripture to create Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are. This new book contains 365 devotions that encourage readers to slow down and savor the ordinary moments that comprise their everyday lives but are often overshadowed by worry, stress and work. A collection of essays from her popular books Cold Tangerines, Bittersweet, and Bread & Wine, Savor features additional new content, corresponding Scripture, and recipes for 21 dishes that have accompanied Niequist on her journey to soak in simple, everyday life.

автобус 1 чехов расписание For the last two weeks, I’ve been starting my mornings nose-deep in Shauna Niequist’s new book Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are. It doesn’t disappoint, friends. She combines stories and scripture to create 365 devotional essays that are real while being eloquent, smart while having soul. She encourages women to slow down and savor the ordinary moments that comprise our everyday lives — those moments that are often overshadowed. Reading Savor has been so good for my soul.

“This collection is my attempt at paying attention, at clearing away space and noise, and inviting you to hear the drumbeat, too,” writes Niequist. “God’s always speaking, always. He’s always moving, always present, always creating, always healing. The trick, at least for me, is paying attention. The trick is savoring.” детская поликлиника 9 воронеж расписание врачей I’ve been a fan of Shauna for awhile. Savor features work from her incredibly popular books Cold Tangerines, Bittersweet, and Bread & Wine. Savor also includes new content and recipes for 21 dishes that have accompanied Shauna on her journey to soak in simple, everyday life. I’m a pretty avid reader, but Shauna’s writing always stands out, working it’s way into my heart, staying with me throughout the day. She has a way with words that just have me going, “Yes! That. Exactly that.”

“Things will not always be as they are now — there will be new things, other things, good things. But I don’t want to miss this, this right now, this sacred everyday. And I don’t want to only see the surface. I want to see the depths — the work of God all around me, in conversation and prayer and silence and music. I want to connect with the God who made me from dust, on purpose and for a purpose.”

схема метрополитена города москвы As I’ve spent a few quiet moments with Savor each morning, I’ve noticed something. Shauna writes in a vulnerable way that strips down everything else, pulling you in with her stories, leaving you with so much to chew on. My editor’s heart loves reading her work because she writes in a descriptive and succinct style — something that’s actually pretty tough to pull off.

образец уведомления о ненормированном рабочем дне Also, can we just talk about how beautiful Savor is? Because oh my word. It’s gorgeous! It’s one of those books I’ve been leaving on my end table, because it’s just so…pretty. (It’s a bound linen hardcover featuring Lindsay Letters‘ work, and I think we can all agree that Lindsay Letters is kind of the best, right?) I’m so thankful to have received a copy of Savor for review — it’s the type of book that is a gift. 7 класс решение систем уравнений Which is why I’m so thrilled I get to give away a copy to one of you lovelies. (Hey, girl, heyyyy!) I wish I could get a copy into each one of your hands, because I know you’ll be blessed by it.

каталог икеа спб дыбенко Enter below!

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honest co. giveaway (perfect for new mamas + expecting moms!)

Honest Co. giveaway and review for new moms and expecting moms. // Many Sparrows Blog

сколько калорий в овощном супе I’m in that stage in life where I’m attending a lot of baby showers. Many of my sweet friends are expecting through pregnancy and adoption and I’m just so thrilled for them! New life is certainly something to celebrate.

One baby care brand I love giving new mamas (whether she’s celebrating her first or fifth) is Honest Co. (Jessica Alba’s adorably branded company). The items are natural, safe, and smell so good. (I just doused our kitchen with the multi-surface cleaner. It’s infused with grapefruit essential oils, so I mean, YES.)

Honest Co. giveaway and review for new moms and expecting moms. // Many Sparrows Blog

Since I’m already a fan of the company, I was happy to join forces with Susana at Hurray, I’m a Mommy (who is a new blogger and has the most adorable little daughter, ever) for an презентация проекта в доу Honest Co. bundle giveaway for all of you ladies out there. I really wish I could win, because friends, this stuff is good.

лакомый кусочек аниме The Honest Co. New Mama Giveaway includes:

новый каталог касторамы So good, right? Susana rounded up a few like-minded writers + bloggers for the giveaway, and I’m so thrilled to be joining this crew of lovely ladies.

Honest Co. Giveaway

украины инструкции по охране труда Here’s a bit about the other lovely ladies you see in that photo:

  • Evi from Eyeliner and Erasers promotes a sense of empowerment and self confidence through posts about beauty, style, professionalism, motherhood, and wellness.

    Susannah from Simple Moments Stick writes from Portland, where she’s a wife to a seminary grad and mama to a little guy named Caleb. She loves encouraging women.

  • Jen from The Jen Weaver centers around daily adventures in life and faith. A new mom herself, she’s starting an exciting new series called “freshly minted” where she shares weekly refreshMINT for moms and marriages.

    Terrence from Girl Repurposed is a wife and mom living in Dallas, where her husband is studying at Dallas Theological Seminary. She’s an Ivy-league grad who is following the call to be a writer and full-time mama. мосрег запись в детский сад We’ve made it so easy to win, so enter below.

This is a fun one, you guys! (And there might just be a fun Instagram-only giveaway in the works as well!)

Good luck, friends! xo

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The Honest Company

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Parenthood was an amazing TV series. Period.


On Thursday nights, I’d shuffle two little boys into their PJs, perform more than one dramatic reading of “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish,” and whisper goodnight prayers. Then, I’d tuck away under a blanket of my own, grabbing the remote and keeping tissues in sight.

Thursdays were for “Parenthood” — the show that you inevitably Facebook statuses waxing poetic about.

This week, the series closed up shop for good, and I’ve been thinking about why I connected with the network drama so much. My husband is unabashed in his claims that the show is terrible. (He also has a knack for hyperbole and likes watching “Flea Market Flip”. So, yeah.)

But “Parenthood” wasn’t terrible. In fact, it was really good — the character development, the cohesive writing, the moving performances, the artful shots — all of it.


русско грузинский словарь So here’s what made “Parenthood” so great:

The writers dealt with authentic, real-life issues in a way that didn’t make the plots seem over-dramatic or over-done. It was sentimental without being syrupy, realistic without being rigid.

электропечь горение инструкция The hour-long drama was so good because it cultivated empathy. So often, it’s the fiction books I read that sow compassion and understanding into my heart. I suddenly viewed cancer as something raw and real. I saw the conversations and the struggles of teenagers wrestling with abortion. I watched a soldier wrestle with PTSD and saw the addiction many struggle with in a new light. I heard families ask authentic questions about God. Through the TV, I saw it all — relationships reconciled, dreams dashed, and hurts healed.

поздравление машинисту с днем рождения I began to see bits of myself, and other people I love, in so many of the characters. When Julia wrestled with her identity when she decided to stay home, I understood. When Kristina advocated for her special needs son in countless IEP meetings, I got it. When Crosby and Jasmine wrestled with race, I was held captive.

Parenthood series review.  Series finale. расписание автобусов киев ичня I watched women find their brave and do hard things. I saw them pursue passions, start businesses, love without agenda, create with their hands and their hearts and their minds and their souls. I saw women support their husbands and spur them on to be the men they were made to be. I saw mothers advocate for their children and stand on the front lines for them, even when they could barely stand. They were wild and free women and yet still women who struggled to get carseats in the car and make sure the bills were paid. Women who wrestled with being a wife and a mom and a professional. Women who came to motherhood in different ways in different stages of life. Women who burned the pancakes and doubted and feared just like all of us.

“Parenthood” allowed me to see shades of gray in an ever-polarizing black-or-white world.

It weaved together multiple stories with the common thread of family.

A family that didn’t always look alike. A family that wasn’t always biological. A family that didn’t always agree.

But they were a group of people that, through whatever they were navigating, could come together at the table. They had grace for each other, welcoming each other into an intimate life where you find yourself laughing and crying in the same sentence.

Parenthood series review.  Series finale.Parenthood series review.  Series finale.

дают ли больничный при геморрое I think we need to see real. And in so many ways, the fictional Braverman clan was more authentic and transparent than many real families we know. And I think that’s why the show resonated with so many of us.

“Life is short, you cannot know how impossibly fast it goes by. So just enjoy this baby. Cherish this time. Cherish every minute of it,” Camille Braverman. (Yes, I just quoted her like she is a real person. This is where I’m at and I’m okay with that.) татьяна толстая рассказы “Parenthood” hit chord with so many of us because it was simply a show about what it is to be human.

What it is to go through the hard stuff and come out on the other side, maybe with a few bruises, but always with a stronger heart.

I’ve been thinking about a scene from this season. Zeek and Camille drive back to the big, two-story home where they raised their family. Zeek remembers that he had hidden an autographed baseball in the rafters of the barn (to protect it from the two young sons who were fighting for it). The aging grandparents head back “home”, planning to ask the new owners if they could take a look and retrieve the ball. The car pulls up to the house, now inhabited with a new family. Little boys are running around the yard, in some sort of epic battle. A little girl plays on the swing set, and a golden retriever sleeps in the shade. They watch as a mom, clearly pregnant, open the front door and shouts something to her little tribe.

And in that moment Zeek, a character who has transformed in the course of the series from a gruff father to a soft-hearted man, decides to keep it there for good. “They’re gonna think they found the hidden treasure,” he says. “It’s gonna be the best day of their lives.”

Parenthood законы израиля на русском языке And the finale? It was touching and beautiful and provided closure — everything a series ending should be. The last six minutes have no dialogue — just glimpses of what the future holds for each member of the Braverman family. And, because of course, it’s set to a beautiful acoustic cover of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” — performed by Iron & Wine.


поздравление с 60 летием бабушке от внучки May God bless and keep you always
схема остановки электросчетчика May your wishes all come true разнообразие растений доклад May you always do for others
инструкции по применению ника 2 And let others do for you поделки своими руками 10 лет May you build a ladder to the stars
поздравление с днем рождения светлане And climb on every rung методы исследования в диссертации May you stay forever young
форд эскейп 2008 технические характеристики Forever young, forever young
поздравление с днем рождения подруге елене May you stay forever young. шишкин деревянные конструкции May you grow up to be righteous
цитаты из книги мумий тролль May you grow up to be true мпо статус нет выплат May you always know the truth
песня поздравление с днем рождения маме слушать And see the lights surrounding you простые узоры на ногтях иголкой May you always be courageous
демар детская обувь Stand upright and be strong рифмы для стихов прикольные May you stay forever young
штрих мини к инструкция кассира Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful
And may your song always be sung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

Did you watch “Parenthood”, too? What characters or episodes resonated most with you?

Photos via NBC


Believe, NIV, a Bible designed to help Christians lead a more Christ-like life. A follow up to Zondervan’s popular, The Story, Believe, NIV is designed as an easy-to-follow topical abridgment of the best-selling NIV Bible, focusing on the 30 key beliefs, practices and virtues intended to help readers uncover the core truths of the Christian faith and apply them to their lives.

What do we believe? Like, what do we really believe?

I think I believe a lot of good things about God. But sometimes I wonder — where did these good things come from? Have I formed my view of who God is based on my circumstances? My culture?

Do I hold a set of beliefs because I’ve created my God in my image?

We live more vibrantly when we we lay down our preconceived notions of who he is. We come to the table of life abundant when we realize we’re on this big, giant journey of belief.

Zondervan sent me an advance copy of Believe, NIV, a Bible designed to help Christians wade through the muck and mire to see God’s truth through a fresh lens. A follow up to the popular, The Story, Believe, NIV is designed as an easy-to-follow abridgment of the NIV Bible. (They also have a giveaway copy for one of you! Enter at the end of the post.)

Believe, NIV, a Bible designed to help Christians lead a more Christ-like life. A follow up to Zondervan’s popular, The Story, Believe, NIV is designed as an easy-to-follow topical abridgment of the best-selling NIV Bible, focusing on the 30 key beliefs, practices and virtues intended to help readers uncover the core truths of the Christian faith and apply them to their lives.

I’ve never seen anything like Believe, NIV, and I thought it’d be really interesting to get a pastor’s perspective. So, I asked Jonny (Remember when he graduated with a Master’s in Christian Thought?) to share his thoughts on Believe, NIV.

Here’s what he had to say:

What it is: Believe, NIV is a collection of scripture passages (with intermittent editorial comments, helpfully made in italics to differentiate them) that have been curated and organized to move a Christian through three stages:

  • What we believe (the basic doctrines of the Church)
  • What we should do (the practices of the faith)
  • What we are becoming (this section is built around the fruits of the Spirit).

In a pleasant twist, Believe completely ditches chapter and verse numbers, which allows the reader to move through passages as a whole which helps the reader lose themselves in the story. So often we see scripture as being segmented and divided, and this fresh (or rather, ancient) approach moves the reader away from segmented thinking and toward a more holistic understanding of the Bible.

What I liked: Believe, NIV makes the Bible more accessible than it often seems to be. Without chapters and verses, passages flow in a way that is more natural and helpful to readers who are seeking big ideas rather than tiny details. Overall, it’s a helpful book with a very natural progression that could help Christians to read and understand their Bibles in new and better ways.

What I’m hesitant of: By their very nature, editorial choices about what passages to use and how are ultimately interpretational and theological decisions. Readers should approach Believe, NIV with this fact in mind, recognizing that the organization of the book is putting forward a particular interpretation of scripture, not necessarily the only or even most correct interpretation. I don’t have any specific issues with the editorial decisions in mind as I make this caveat, but it is important for readers to understand nonetheless.

Who might like it: While Believe, NIV is a book that could be helpful for any Christian, whether they’ve spent their whole life in the Church or have recently converted, it is probably those Christians who haven’t spent a ton of time in Scripture who could most benefit from the layout and editorial choices made in Believe, NIV. While the Bible as a whole can be intimidating, Believe, NIV breaks the major themes and story of scripture into easily understandable and consumable portions.

A companion book, Think, Act, Be Like Jesus released jointly with Believe, NIV this month. Written by Randy Frazee with Robert Noland, it explains how to grow as a follower of Christ and become more like Him in our thinking, actions and character. It can be read either in conjunction with Believe or separately as an individual study.

Does this Bible/book combo call out to you? Or does it sound like a good fit for someone you love? January is a great month to start fresh, and it’s not too late to start a resolution to spend more time in Scripture. Zondervan let me know that they would love to send a copy to a Many Sparrows reader — how sweet is that?

Let’s make it easy to enter.

Comment why you’d like to receive a copy in the mail. Want an extra entry? Follow me on Instagram. I’ll draw a random winner next week! xo

Disclaimer: Affiliate links used when applicable.

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