boy or girl? and a freshly picked moccs giveaway болезни растений вызванные грибами лидокаин инструкция по применению таблетки

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инструкция об учете библиотечного фонда 2015 год образцы вязания крючком со схемами и описанием Eliza has been wearing hers for a few weeks now, and thanks to the stretchy elastic inside, they actually stay on her feet. (This is so rare for us, especially because her toes are a little differently spaced because of her extra chromosome.)

Freshly Picked moccs baby moccasin giveaway gender reveal. Adorable baby shoes. Encouragement for moms // Many Sparrows Blog by Kayla Craig

I was so thrilled to parter with Freshly Picked for a review (And giveaway! You’re going to want to keep reading, friends!), because I really wanted to know if the little leather moccasins were worth the higher-end price point. (You can snag them online or at Nordstrom.) The honest verdict: They are.

Freshly Picked moccs baby moccasin giveaway gender reveal. Adorable baby shoes. Encouragement for moms // Many Sparrows Blog by Kayla Craig

Freshly Picked moccs baby moccasin giveaway gender reveal. Adorable baby shoes. Encouragement for moms // Many Sparrows Blog by Kayla Craig посудомоечная машина встраиваемая bosch инструкция Freshly Picked moccs would make a wonderful, thoughtful baby shower gift to go in on with one or two other people.

They’re really heirloom quality (and made in the USA!), and they’re made to take the shape to your little one’s feet. (I’ve heard that they’re great for crawlers and new walkers, but I haven’t been able to test that yet!) Eliza has teeny feet, so she is still in the newborn (size 0) size. география высшая школа список литературы 2015 I like that so many color options are gender neutral, which means the soft-soled shoes could be passed on from child to child.
Freshly Picked moccs baby moccasin giveaway gender reveal. Adorable baby shoes. Encouragement for moms // Many Sparrows Blog by Kayla Craig
расписание электричек 88 км быково Freshly Picked was so sweet to send newborn moccasins in Petite Blush, Petite Sky, and Petite Birch. I’m having a hard time picking a favorite color. No matter baby #4’s gender, we’ve now got adorable moccs on lock.

Freshly Picked moccs baby moccasin giveaway gender reveal. Adorable baby shoes. Encouragement for moms // Many Sparrows Blog by Kayla Craig

должностная инструкция экспедитора грузчика What do you think? Will it be an even split of boys + girls? Or will Eliza and I be outnumbered? Only time will tell. (Though, I won’t lie — I wouldn’t hate it if baby decided to make his/her arrival sooner rather than later!)


презентации по литературе 7 класс тарас бульба Freshly Picked moccs baby moccasin giveaway gender reveal. Adorable baby shoes. Encouragement for moms // Many Sparrows Blog by Kayla CraigI’m so thrilled to join Freshly Picked in a giveaway of one pair of soft-soled baby moccasins. Lucky you, you’ll get to pick the size + color for your little one. I’ll randomly pick a winner on March 28. Good luck!

где азовское море Enter below!

One Pair of Freshly Picked Soft Sole Moccasins

survey results and giveaway winner

Many Sparrows Blog Reader Survey Results and Fringe Hours Book Giveaway Winner примеры ничтожных и оспоримых сделок Surveys are my favorite. Catching a glimpse into what makes other people tick? The best. So, you know I geeked out when your reader surveys started rolling in. Thank you so much for your honesty and for taking time out of your busy schedules to let me get to know you a bit more.

In any sort of writing, it’s so pivotal to know your audience. When I worked at BHG, I wrote to a different crowd than when I worked in the business section of our metro newspaper. And with Many Sparrows, your surveys helped me catch a glimpse into who you are and how we can best use this little corner of the Internet to connect with each other. If I had more time, more money, and a teleportation device, I would be buying each of you a cup of coffee. Because thanks.

Many Sparrows Blog Reader Survey Results Infographic

схема слова плод I appreciate your insight so much! желтый агат камень свойства Other takeaways: Not a ton of you are coming to Many Sparrows looking giveaways, style posts, or beauty tips. You’re looking for honesty, not more clichés. You prefer a mix of personal stories and tips/guides, and Facebook is your social media d’jour. (Connect with Many Sparrows on Facebook. And prepare yourself for silly kid quotes.) гранатовый браслет герои список Some sweet things that you said:

You are such an engaging writer! I don’t usually have a lot of time to read blogs, but I make time to read yours! You truly have a gift, and I’m so happy to see you’re writing again!

Your blog and Instagram have been such an encouragement to me. Thank you for writing about real life and not glamorizing being a christian, a mother, etc.

It’s good to know others are going through some same troubles and blessings of life. You puts your thoughts down well. Your blogs are easy to read.

этапы смутного времени таблица BLUSHING. I’m sharing not because I’m patting myself on the back, but because I want you to know I read every. single. word. Thanks for your sweet words and encouragement to keep writing after my summer of burnout. My husband will tell you I’m not a words-of-affirmation-type of gal, but your fistbumps made my heart happy. форма дефектного акта #allthefeels

giveaway winner

http://xn--80aacd1a3beie.xn--p1ai/wp-includes/widgets/sitemap92.html сонник жемчуг белый Congratulations, Erin!

I’ll shoot you an email and I’ll get The Fringe Hours in the mail to you ASAP! Hope you love it, friend!

weekly newsletter

At the end of the survey, I mentioned that I’m starting a weekly newsletter that will have reader-only content. лермонтов демон стих If you want to join the fun, just submit your email address below. Think of it as a little weekly coffee date with your quirky friend. I’m including some special content, as well as my favorite Internet reads of the week. I promise not to share your email with anyone else!

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blog survey and giveaway

Fringe Hours Giveaway Many Sparrows Blog SurveyI’ve been creating and changing this little corner of the Internet for five years. Over that time, I’ve entered and exited stages of life, and Many Sparrows has been an outlet to create content, communicate my heart, and connect with an amazing online community.

the survey says…

Some of you are new here, and some of you have been around awhile. I know your lives are so beyond busy, so thank you. I so value you, but the weird thing about the Internet is that I’m not always sure who you are! And as I dream up new directions for Many Sparrows, I need your help. Would you tell me who you are? And what makes you, well, you? окисляемость перманганатная методика определения I’m doing a short blog survey to catch a glimpse into who you are and what content you connect with (and what you don’t!). 

giveaway time!

A book that has been so helpful to me as I spin lots of plates and try to schedule out my day has been The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner. I read it last year and I’ve already been flipping back through the worn pages, gaining inspiration for using my time well. проблемы международного сотрудничества If you fill out the blog survey, you’ll be entered to win a copy, because I know you’ll love it, too. This isn’t a sponsored giveaway, I just bought an extra copy to share with a friend, and maybe that friend is you! To enter, just enter the survey below. Make sure to include your email address at the end!

i can’t wait to hear your thoughts

I value your honesty and I won’t share your answers with anyone. I’ll announce the winner Thursday, along with results from the survey. (My friend Natalie did this, and I found it incredibly interesting!)

If you don’t see the survey below, click here.

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women are scary (and another giveaway, boom!)

Women Are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends

mushmellow amazed перевод Women are Scary. (You may see that I capitalized Scary, because it’s just that important. All my editing experience goes out the window when emphasizing blanket statements on my blog.)

So, just to reiterate: Women are Scary.

I realize that this means that I, too, am scary. Everyone who lives or has lived with me (shout out to college roommates!) can attest that I can be quite petrifying, especially before 10 a.m. But that’s neither here nor there. авиа расписание внуково What we’re here to talk about today is…making friends. Especially for those of us who take care of small humans. Our topic of the day? Momlationships.

Melanie Dale has written a book (Women Are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Friends Mom Friends) that has made me LOL (my favorite!) and also examine my heart when it comes to making friends of the mom variety. She dives deep into “dating” for moms. It’s good stuff. I’ve even taken steps out of my comfort zone because of it. I’ve embraced my weirdness, initiated random conversations at the park, attended story times, and even had a few coffee dates (Rounding second base, you guys!).

понятие финансовая устойчивость You have to watch that video. This woman deserves a fist-pump for going for it. I love people that own their weird and let their freak flag fly (Family Stone reference!). And while she is totally funny and peppers her work with movie quotes (Anchorman! Zoolander!), the heart of her words are so real.

Because ladies? платье филейное вязание крючком схемы As daunting/awkward/terrifying as it is to meet new friends and cultivate relationships…we need each other. We’re kinda built to do life together, to raise our little creatures together, to commiserate about potty training misadventures and chug copious amounts of coffee and hug each other when life gets hard.

But we live in an individual culture that values Mine! over Us! and it has hurt us. Any of us who have traveled to developing countries and have seen mamas who work together in community to raise their children can attest that here in the U.S. in 2015, we don’t have everything quite right.

Way before her book deal, Melanie has legitimately cared for mothers around the world, for ethical consumption of goods, for encouraging women to do what we can, right where we’re at. To be Kingdom dwellers and give others the opportunity to glimpse and enter into God’s goodness and grace. валентина терешкова доклад We don’t lack food, clean water, or clothing, but we lack relationships. Whereas my friends in northern Uganda reside in small mud homes and live life together, outside, as a community, gathering at the borehole for water, working their gardens side by side, and looking out for each other’s children, we live in elaborate homes with multiple rooms and water that comes out our own faucets. We drive our cars into garages and close the doors behind us, and we can go days and weeks without interacting with the neighbors unless we’re intentional about making friends.

And while I will continue to champion the orphans and widows whom I love, I’ve realized that it’s no less noble to reach out to the hurting moms and kids right in my own community. If we can learn how to develop real, soul-soothing relationships, there’s no stopping what we can do together for our kids, our families, and the world. штатное расписание относится к But first we have to stop being scary and scared of each other. (Melanie Dale, Women Are Scary)

I’m not getting paid to review Women Are Scary, but after reading an advanced copy I’d be remiss not to share this with you. банковские гарантии это простыми словами Her team has generously offered to send a copy to a Many Sparrows reader. I’m a member of a local MOPS group and I would so love to get a copy of this into the hands of each frazzled, beautiful member of the tribe. (And, um, that’s all of us!) маршрут 10 трамвая пермь Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer: Affiliate links used when applicable.

savor by shauna niequist review (& giveaway!)

Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are by Shauna Niequist Popular Christian writer Shauna Niequist has compiled her favorite recipes, stories and Scripture to create Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are. This new book contains 365 devotions that encourage readers to slow down and savor the ordinary moments that comprise their everyday lives but are often overshadowed by worry, stress and work. A collection of essays from her popular books Cold Tangerines, Bittersweet, and Bread & Wine, Savor features additional new content, corresponding Scripture, and recipes for 21 dishes that have accompanied Niequist on her journey to soak in simple, everyday life. австрия 1 лига турнирная таблица For the last two weeks, I’ve been starting my mornings nose-deep in Shauna Niequist’s new book Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are. It doesn’t disappoint, friends. She combines stories and scripture to create 365 devotional essays that are real while being eloquent, smart while having soul. She encourages women to slow down and savor the ordinary moments that comprise our everyday lives — those moments that are often overshadowed. Reading Savor has been so good for my soul.

“This collection is my attempt at paying attention, at clearing away space and noise, and inviting you to hear the drumbeat, too,” writes Niequist. “God’s always speaking, always. He’s always moving, always present, always creating, always healing. The trick, at least for me, is paying attention. The trick is savoring.”

большие контракты бакшт I’ve been a fan of Shauna for awhile. Savor features work from her incredibly popular books Cold Tangerines, Bittersweet, and Bread & Wine. Savor also includes new content and recipes for 21 dishes that have accompanied Shauna on her journey to soak in simple, everyday life. I’m a pretty avid reader, but Shauna’s writing always stands out, working it’s way into my heart, staying with me throughout the day. She has a way with words that just have me going, “Yes! That. Exactly that.”

“Things will not always be as they are now — there will be new things, other things, good things. But I don’t want to miss this, this right now, this sacred everyday. And I don’t want to only see the surface. I want to see the depths — the work of God all around me, in conversation and prayer and silence and music. I want to connect with the God who made me from dust, on purpose and for a purpose.” поликлиника моники адрес As I’ve spent a few quiet moments with Savor each morning, I’ve noticed something. Shauna writes in a vulnerable way that strips down everything else, pulling you in with her stories, leaving you with so much to chew on. My editor’s heart loves reading her work because she writes in a descriptive and succinct style — something that’s actually pretty tough to pull off.

мазда премаси технические характеристики Also, can we just talk about how beautiful Savor is? Because oh my word. It’s gorgeous! It’s one of those books I’ve been leaving on my end table, because it’s just so…pretty. (It’s a bound linen hardcover featuring Lindsay Letters‘ work, and I think we can all agree that Lindsay Letters is kind of the best, right?) I’m so thankful to have received a copy of Savor for review — it’s the type of book that is a gift. автовокзал великого новгорода расписание Which is why I’m so thrilled I get to give away a copy to one of you lovelies. (Hey, girl, heyyyy!) I wish I could get a copy into each one of your hands, because I know you’ll be blessed by it.

насосы бцн характеристики Enter below!

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disclaimer: affiliate links used when applicable

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