thanking teachers this Christmas

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закупка 63 ру самара каталог товаров So many of us have stories of teachers who influenced our lives. In what other ways can we thank a teacher this holiday season? How can we let them know that their hard work is seen, appreciated, and valued?


seeing our children for who they’ll become

Parenting the Strong Willed Chlld and the Easy Going Child Many Sparrows Blog Parenting Encouragement

ленивый пирог с капустой на кефире When we’re running late and the clock is ticking to get out of the house, a certain five-year-old suddenly feels it necessary to move in slow motion. As I’m throwing wipes in the diaper bag and corralling children, he’s taking it easy, kicking his feet up, and then remembering now would certainly be the best time to send out a (snail-pace) search party for that missing Lego.

россия фнл турнирная таблица 2015 2016 And then there’s the two-year-old who lives in my house. I never have to worry about how that one feels. Confusion does not abound regarding his thoughts, preferences, wants, or needs. When he’s less than thrilled, this manifests into tantrums, into demands, into negotiations that make me feel super prepared for if the moment ever comes where I have to jump into a high-risk position at the State Department dealing with dictators.

And I wonder why the grey hairs continue to sprout out of my head.

рыбинск череповец расписание автобусов But what if I flipped the script in the frustrating moments, looking to the future instead of the current crisis?

What if I used these trying times as a crystal ball to see how these qualities in our kids might manifest themselves in the future? What about if I noticed the goodness and nurtured the strong-willed child and the easy-going kiddo?

Yesterday, I listened to a talk by Sherry Surratt, CEO of MOPS International. She shared how those aspects of our kids’ personalities that can drive us up-the-wall as parents manifest themselves in amazing ways as our children grow.

Her strong-willed daughter turned out to be an incredible leader who stands firm and isn’t afraid to take a stand. Her relaxed son turned into a father with heaping amounts of patience and grace.

федеральные дороги россии на карте What if I saw my kids for who they’re becoming, not for what is happening in the here and now?

I marvel at the specific and unique ways my children are wired. I see the creativity and compassion that their little hearts exude and I’m so grateful that I get to be someone who calls out the goodness in their hearts, empowering and equipping them to become children and teenagers and adults who use their strengths and talents and gifts to love God and love others.

амбассадор на карте паттайи на русском And how does God see us?

Through Jesus, he covers us in grace and lavishes love. He sees us for our true selves — he sees the best-version, the true-version of Kayla, not the person who is quick to judge or lose her temper. He’s a loving father that says the old has gone, the new has come. показать карту тверской области A little dose of perspective does wonders in the parenting trenches.

play with your kids

IMG_5708 океан ельзи без бою перевод Parenthood is a straight-up adventure. These imaginative little boys of mine take me on wild rides all the time. And while there are certainly times when I want to tuck-and-roll, most of my motherhood moments are magical. My heart swells when I see them slay dragons and fight fires and tackle monsters. Sometimes I have to remember to toss my phone on the laundry pile and imagine right along with them.

While Joseph was at preschool this morning, Asher and I had a little adventure of our own. We grabbed a couple tablecloths, popped some popcorn, and tucked away to create a cuddly fort-for-two.



IMG_5737 три формы глаголов таблица I’ll be honest — this past week wasn’t fun. Asher had RSV (what a nasty bug!) and Joseph had a terrible cough that kept us hiding at home when we weren’t at the doctor. I’m so thankful for a new week, with brighter eyes and happier hearts. (Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose, right?)


IMG_5719 социальные сети список There’s something about raising boys that I can’t quite put into words. They’re young, wild, and free. And somehow I get to be the one to help them uncover the world. To find the sunshine and discover their brave.


I don’t want to be the type of mama who’s too busy to play with her kids. I want to be the type of mama who says, you’re special. You matter.

Let’s go slay the dragons together.



And sometimes, being a mama means leaving the dishes in the sink and grabbing your little one’s favorite stuffed friends. It means popping some Pop Secret at 10 in the morning for a private screening of another episode of Curious George. It means choosing cuddles over chores, snuggles over to-do lists.




расписание электричек во владивосток из артема Hey, mama friends? Can I share a secret with you? A secret that you’ve surely heard from your grandma and your aunt and the cashier at Target?

This precious time we have with our little people? It goes fast.

It’s cliche and it’s true. It seems like I was just getting off a plane in West Africa to adopt Joseph. And wasn’t I just waddling into the hospital, eager to meet Asher?

I don’t want to get lost in memories or be so focused on the future that I miss the adventures right in front of me. I want to build towers and knock them down and build them again. I want to head to Gap for the billionth time because the knees on my jeans keep fading.

tomahawk x3 инструкция I want to be the kind of mom who spontaneously builds forts. Who finds popcorn kernels in the carpet

IMG_5682 результаты конкурса билет в будущее 2015 Moms (and dads): You’re doing the work of investing into little hearts. You’re modeling how to dream and how to explore. You’re showing them how to be brave and how to do hard things. Little eyes are watching you when your nose wrinkles when you laugh. They see you when close the laptop and wrap them up in a bear hug.

Here’s to spontaneous dance parties and silly popcorn fights and Monday-morning forts.

Play on.

Disclosure: Pop Secret sponsored today’s post, but words are my own.

Need some inspiration for imaginative play with your little ones? Hop over here for a $1-off coupon for Pop Secret. (Seriously, the Movie style? Yes.) Send Pop Secret your pillow fort stories and pictures on Facebook. You can upload them right to the Pop Secret timeline and tag them #PopSecretForts. They might just share a little something back.

favorite adoption book for kids: a mother for choco

Mother for Choco adoption book for kids // Book Review // Books about adoption for kids // A Mother for Choco by Keiki Kasza

http://xn--80ahjcabjky5al6j.xn--p1ai/orpx/vol/sitemap54.html глобальные проблемы современности 2015 Every once in a while, we field a really silly adoption question.

It goes a little something like this:

Will you tell Joseph he was adopted?

estel продукция каталог Our reaction is usually laughter. Because it’s a little obvious.

FullSizeRender (1) справки в бассейн ижевск We’ve been talking with Joseph about how he joined our family from day one. Talking about adoption in age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate ways is incredibly important to fostering a secure relationship and environment.

должностные инструкции косметолог One book that we’ve had in our bedtime rotation for awhile is A Mother for Choco. It’s a precious book that follows Choco, a little bird who lives alone, on his search for a mommy. Other animals tell him they can’t be his mommy because they don’t look like him. He starts to feel very discouraged, until he meets someone who turns that thinking on its head.

No adoption language is used and it’s not specifically adoption-related, but it’s all about how families don’t have to match, and how families are formed in different ways. остров кука на карте мира Love makes a family.

Unlike many adoption narratives, стихи ко дне защиты детей A Mother for Choco doesn’t start with parents who are unable to have biological children. (I understand why many adoption books have this perspective, and there are many wonderful books that approach the angle in sensitive and beautiful ways. Since it’s just not our family’s personal journey, I like that A Mother for Choco starts right in on Choco’s journey.) That being said, I think A Mother for Choco would be a great book for any adoptive family with a young child, whether it grew through domestic, international, or foster care adoption.

пятигорск расписание маршруток There are a few things I’m cautious about in this sweet little book. I’m aware that adoption narratives can make it seem like the adoptive parents are rescuing or saving the child. I think A Mother for Choco does a good job at not making that the case, but it’s something to talk about. It also breaks my heart that Choco has to find a mother for himself. I also don’t love that there are different species. I think the book could have been just as beautiful and powerful if there were birds of different colors, instead of birds and pigs and bears. Again, I think it all circles back into using the book as a tool to foster conversation.

http://xn----8sbekcqf0bnqu.xn--p1ai/images/sitemap9.html автор стиха мойдодыр Some questions to ask your little one to foster and further conversation:

  • Why was Choco sad?
  • How did it make you feel when other animals said no to Choco?
  • What things did Choco want to do with a mommy?
  • How did Mrs. Bear show Choco that she can be his mommy?
  • How was Choco the same as Mrs. Bear’s other children?
  • How did Choco feel at the end of the story? How did you feel at the end?
  • What do mommy and daddy do to make you feel loved?

мазь 911 ревмалгон инструкция For Christians, the book can also segue into conversations about how like Mrs. Bear, God loves all little children — how he sees our hearts, and doesn’t limit his love to children who look a certain way.

I definitely recommend A Mother for Choco for adoptive families. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links used when applicable.

31 days of living free: when your son has autism

Encouragement When Your Son Has Autism: What This Mom Wants You to Know About Parenting an Autistic Child // Many Sparrows Blog белинский статья евгений онегин полное содержание I’m encouraged and inspired by my friend Katrina’s mama-bear strength and positivity. Katrina’s heart for God and others just shines, and I’m honored to share her story of living free while parenting a child with autism. Chances are, someone close to you is a parent to a little one on the autism spectrum. I hope Katrina’s perspective will encourage you to rest in God’s grace and remind you to give a little extra love to those parenting children with special needs — those you see, and those you don’t see. стихи мужу прикольные When you’re pregnant or adopting, you find yourself imagining the conversations you’ll have with your little one.

I’m still longing for that.

характеристика крупных рек россии This is my journey of living free as Zeke’s mama.

My husband and I walked a long battle with different doctors and different exams. All of them came back normal except the last one…and I’m pretty sure we both knew before we got the diagnosis. We’d talked to each other and to other medical people. Before that last meeting, I had a good long talk (okay, with a lot yelling) and crying with God. This is where God met me.

мегаспермин трио инструкция He was molding me into the mama and woman He wanted me to be —  a mama who advocates for her son and a woman of God who is free to love and free to live.

книги 2015 года список Living free isn’t easy when you have a child with autism. Worrying about what outside triggers will spur on ‘The Meltdown’ or if the happy squeals he does for stimulation will kick us out of the restaurant. Wondering what the phrase he is saying over and over means but having no clue what he’s saying, because he’s speaking his own language. It’s not an easy road. But those times when I’m questioning if I’m doing anything right? That’s where God meets me, molds me, and creates the woman He knows I am to be.

Living Free is a mixture of getting those checklists done as well as being flexible to follow my son’s lead when it comes to how he’s going to learn best each day. набор инструкций sse2 Especially when we’re out and about, I’m figuring out what will stimulate Zeke and trying to staying true to God’s word while helping him soothe himself in the world that he truly doesn’t understand. Just like I truly don’t understand how some people are so rude with their facial expressions or their words that my son “just needs some discipline.” When that happens, I try to remember to look at my God who created me and created this “Ausome” boy for me to look after here on Earth.

I still have my moments when I question God and ask, no beg, Him for a complete healing for my Zeke. In those moments, God wraps his arms around me and shows me that He created my son. That Zeke is Fearfully, Wonderfully and Beautifully made. God reminds me to look for those little, seemingly mundane events that are so special in showing growth in Zeke.

дворжецкий евгений причина смерти I know God choose my son specifically for me. I know I’m far from being a perfect mama, but Zeke and I are the perfect fit. (Along with the help of my wonderful husband and our daughter, we’re the pieces to help Zeke grow.) лечение варикоза клиники My son has showed me that living free is rejoicing in the little things, and always pressing for something bigger, looking to God when the world tries to drag us down. My son is amazing at drawing, loves music, is using more words, and loves cuddling and laughing. We’ve seen a lot of growth in him at school, even in the short few months he’s had. Since that diagnosis day, I feel like I’m a better mama for Zeke, and my other kids, too. As I learn more about him and what triggers him, I’m better able to help him in this world. Sometimes, it’s a struggle for me to fully live free as Zeke’s mama, but I know that for me, living free is loving without warrant every person God puts in my path. And I know to love God more than anything is key to helping me live free with an autistic son.

31 Days of Living Free: Rooted Love for Women Who Dream | Many Sparrows Blog

This part of 31 daily posts of living free. расписание пригородных поездов пенза пачелма пенза Living freely is something we do momentarily, but to fully http://xn----7sbeichzoxhbwcdcg4b.xn--p1ai/wp-includes/SimplePie/raspisanie-avtobusov-volokolamsk-moskva.html расписание автобусов волоколамск москва live free? That’s a transformation — a total change not only in what we’re like, but in who we are. You can find all the 31 Days of Living Free posts here

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