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giveaway winner

I’ll shoot you an email and I’ll get The Fringe Hours in the mail to you ASAP! Hope you love it, friend!

weekly newsletter

At the end of the survey, I mentioned that I’m starting a weekly newsletter that will have reader-only content.  воронеж железногорск расписание автобусов If you want to join the fun, just submit your email address below. Think of it as a little weekly coffee date with your quirky friend. I’m including some special content, as well as my favorite Internet reads of the week. I promise not to share your email with anyone else!

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blog survey and giveaway

Fringe Hours Giveaway Many Sparrows Blog SurveyI’ve been creating and changing this little corner of the Internet for five years. Over that time, I’ve entered and exited stages of life, and Many Sparrows has been an outlet to create content, communicate my heart, and connect with an amazing online community.

the survey says…

Some of you are new here, and some of you have been around awhile. I know your lives are so beyond busy, so thank you. I so value you, but the weird thing about the Internet is that I’m not always sure who you are! And as I dream up new directions for Many Sparrows, I need your help. Would you tell me who you are? And what makes you, well, you?

расписание автобусов лесозаводск владивосток I’m doing a short blog survey to catch a glimpse into who you are and what content you connect with (and what you don’t!). 

giveaway time!

A book that has been so helpful to me as I spin lots of plates and try to schedule out my day has been The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner. I read it last year and I’ve already been flipping back through the worn pages, gaining inspiration for using my time well. расписание поездов горынь минск If you fill out the blog survey, you’ll be entered to win a copy, because I know you’ll love it, too. This isn’t a sponsored giveaway, I just bought an extra copy to share with a friend, and maybe that friend is you! To enter, just enter the survey below. Make sure to include your email address at the end!

i can’t wait to hear your thoughts

I value your honesty and I won’t share your answers with anyone. I’ll announce the winner Thursday, along with results from the survey. (My friend Natalie did this, and I found it incredibly interesting!)

If you don’t see the survey below, click here.

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the blog is back

when sponsored posts and SEO and blog stats turn into bloging burnout Many Sparrows Blog

рекомендательный список литературы о есенине Blogging is so weird. Like, I am 100 percent certain it is one of the stranger things in my life, and you know that my life is just chock-full of strange things.

инструкция пользования по Here’s the deal: I’m a writer. Words are in my bones. I started stapling together books and creating “magazines” while most of my friends were playing with Barbies. I was that girl. (Picture Molly, the American Girl, hanging out at the library, rocking cowlicky bangs and ’90s style like whoa.) I wrote and wrote and wrote my little fingers to the bone and that turned into penning columns in the middle school paper and that turned into editing my high school paper and that snowballed into a journalism degree and a career fueled with bylines and colored with blogs. закон о частном охранном предприятии Writing, I just can’t quit you.

Except I did.

This summer could be called How Kayla Didn’t Get Her Groove Back. It was great season of loving my little people and praying through what God would have in store for our family, but the words just didn’t come. I continued to do my steady stream of freelance writing, but felt uninspired for any personal pursuits. I felt like MEH times a billion and it felt freeing and weird at the same time. Blogging had become more about promotion and page views than an authentic outlet. I found myself getting sick to my stomach wondering if I would offend someone, worrying constantly about how my words came across. This little corner of the Internet was getting sponsorship offers and higher stats than ever before, but I was spending more time hustling than I was writing. And that led to what it always leads to when something you love becomes something you have to do: Burnout.

The thing about burnout is that you’re not suddenly engulfed in flames.

It’s this sneaky slow-burn that creeps into your heart, whispering lies.

Whispering this is pointless. Whispering no one cares. Whispering your voice doesn’t matter, but maybe if you just shouted louder…

And slowly, parts of you start to turn into smoke, turning your passion into an illusion. And all you’re left with is a pile of ashes where that light used live.

виды речевой ситуации As much as it hurts to burn out, those wounds aren’t fatal. And this summer was the time for triage. It was time for binding up the wounds and examining how deep they went. And that led to resting and finding restoration hidden in walks to the park and quiet moments soaking up the real-life goodness around me. банковские гарантии екатеринбург And now, it’s a new season. I’m energized and eager. I’ve reassessed this little space of mine and I’m excited to keep going, and with your help, maybe head in some new directions. I want more connection, less strategy. More truth-telling, less worry. More Kayla, the real Kayla. More of YOU, too. More stories, more humor, more tough stuff, more collaboration, more compassion, more real-life.

And even though I know Sunday afternoons statistically aren’t prime time for blog reading, I’m posting this anyway.

Because this little space isn’t about numbers. I’ve never been a numbers girl.

I’ve always been a word girl. Words are in my bones.

be the 3 percent: a leadership lesson we all need

Go Blog Social blogging conference for Midwest Bloggers at Berg Event Space in Kansas City April 2015. Kayla Craig | Many Sparrows Blog. электроды сармайт характеристики Pre-kids Kayla took on-a-whim trips all the time. Two littles later, my spontaneity has waned. But when I got an email about a ticket to the Go Blog Social writing/blogging conference in Kansas City — with just a week’s notice — I knew it was something I wanted to make happen.

Go Blog Social blogging conference for Midwest Bloggers at Berg Event Space in Kansas City April 2015. Kayla Craig | Many Sparrows Blog.

Because I have an awesome husband willing to take the reigns at home and lovely bloggin’ mama friend (here’s lookin’ at you, Erin!) down to make the trek with me, I was able to sneak in a lovely little getaway. (Annnnd, I chopped off six inches from my hair a day before I left. Successful lob? You be the judge.)

I found myself immersed in the gorgeous Berg Event Space in KC’s Power & Light District, scribbling notes (and, let’s be honest — lots of tweeting) inspired by some on-point girl bosses.

IMG_3186 список команда для портал гана An unofficial theme emerged at Go Blog Social 2015: Authenticity. Here’s what I learned:

термекс водонагреватели 50 литров вертикальный инструкция As women, we wrestle with authenticity. It’s tough to be vulnerable — it’s uncomfortable to put ourselves out there. But when we do? Big things happen, friends.

Go Blog Social blogging conference for Midwest Bloggers at Berg Event Space in Kansas City April 2015. Kayla Craig | Many Sparrows Blog. тос восточная перловка план застройки I came to the conference weary about my online presence. I wondered if I was just adding to the noise. (Switchfoot has an old song with lyrics, “If I’m adding to the noise, turn off this song.”) and that’s kind of how I was feeling. I doubted that my words mattered.

список школ саратовского района саратовской области And then Alissa Circle, co-founder of Pollinate Media, kicked off the conference with so much truth.

  • “You have a story to tell. Tell it. Don’t try to mimic someone else.”
  • “Don’t play the comparison game — write what you’re passionate about.”
  • “Be authentic. Write about what you love — that’s the greatest thing about blogging.” расписание автобусов селижарово тверь Alissa gave tangible, real-life tips for work-at-home mamas. Her advice for scheduling your day and making yourself — and your family — a priority was so life-giving to me as I navigate that mythical work-life balance as a freelance editor/part-time journalist/blogger/mama to littles/pastor’s wife/small-town dweller/ALLTHETHINGS.

Meggan Wood, creator of the absolutely lovely Lily Jade designer diaper bags, left me encouraged that you can create beautiful things without sacrificing the heart and soul behind your work.

Go Blog Social blogging conference for Midwest Bloggers at Berg Event Space in Kansas City April 2015. Kayla Craig | Many Sparrows Blog. #goblogsocial #gbs2015

Go Blog Social was a little fist-bump and small rest from a pretty wild and crazy life. The one-on-one girl time I got with my friend Erin refreshed my soul. Being in a room full of creative women living life on purpose? Energizing and encouraging in all the right ways. (Though, I missed my tribe and was so thrilled to come home!)

Oh! We also received some prettttty awesome swag bags filled with amazing products like this swoon-worthy Kevin Murphy Resort Spray and my new fave face lotion — Lumene Blur Now Pore Minimizer. Maybe I should become a beauty blogger. 😉

If you’re a Midwest dweller diving into online media, be sure to follow Go Blog Social.

(Thank you to the gorgeous Katelyn, for the ticket and opportunity to attend.)

Go Blog Social blogging conference for Midwest Bloggers at Berg Event Space in Kansas City April 2015. Kayla Craig | Many Sparrows Blog.

*Affiliate links used when applicable.

top posts of 2014

Kayla Craig Many Sparrows Blog 2014 методики на личностные особенности Can we all just agree that blogging is a little weird? It’s this tucked-away bit of space where we allow parts of ourselves to spill out on to the keys, striving to share our stories and be better for it. I think this little corner of the Internet is at its best when I’m honest, authentic, and hopefully encouraging. What a profound privilege that I live in a time and place where I have the ability to freely write and share — I know so many women — in history and today — do not have the ability or privilege to do this. I’m truly grateful.

газы в кишечнике что делать Looking ahead, I want to tell more stories in 2015. I’m learning that I identify more as a writer-writer and less as a blogger-writer. The lines between blogger/freelancer/editor/writer blur easily, and I want to create margin and find balance with Many Sparrows. It can be challenging for me to take my experience in media and journalism, continue to freelance write/edit, balance the “blogger” side of Many Sparrows (keywords, SEO, promotion, sponsors, reviews, affiliates), and the heart-spilled-out type of storytelling that I truly love.

There are so many different types of blogs and six years in, I’m still finding my voice with Many Sparrows. I’m so grateful for each of you who have joined me on this little adventure. Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing glimpses into your hearts, too.

I’ve chatted with families interested in adoption and connected new friends who are looking to become houseparents to old friends who already are. I’ve felt encouraged as you’ve shared your parenting woes with me and humbled as you’ve allowed me into just a small part of your faith journeys. We spent a month diving into what it might look like to be women who live free бассейн арсенал расписание And don’t forget — together, we used the Internet for good and raised $700 dollars for a Nigerian-American family to adopt two waiting daughters from an orphanage in Nigeria простой берет спицами с описанием . список казахстанцев 1941 1945 гг герой труда I’m not a numbers person, but some how, in some way, the numbers have mounted and I now will include this little blog of mine in my taxes this year. (How did that happen?!) I’m grateful for companies that took a chance on me and for businesses who valued my perspective. I’m thankful for my partnerships with companies that give back, especially Prosperity Candle, who helped me attend The Influence Conference this fall. I was honored to be able to stand in front a room brimming with mamas of young kids and remind them that their stories matter. And I was surprised when a local arts group asked me to sit on a writer’s panel to reflect my writing process. (I really am thankful, but I just re-read this paragraph and maybe it sounds like a humble brag. Gah! I’m sorry. That’s gross. I’m just thankful that somehow, in some way, I get to write and some people actually read it, and some fraction of those people actually like it.)

курс доллара в разных банках I think part of being a great writer (I’m not) is being able to find people living really great stories (so many of you are) — so I’m thrilled that so many of you have allowed me to share your stories this year. So many of these guest features have been the most popular posts of 2014. Straight up, straight down — you guys rock. You have thrown stones into the lake and the ripples reach further than any of us can fathom.

Below are the most-read posts written in 2014.

Thanks, Google Analytics, for the stats! Are you surprised at #1? (I’m not!) con dios перевод 10. Behind the Scenes of a Working Mom Shelley shared her journey of navigating work-life balance with such honesty and love. сладкарница абакан каталог тортов 9. Being a Parent of a Child with Sickle Cell As most of you know now, our son Joseph has sickle cell. This was a small glimpse of what it looks like to parent a child with this scary chronic illness. перевод музыки в mp3 8. When My Little World Goes Quiet Motherhood. Sometimes I find myself wishing for bedtime, only to miss them when they’re asleep.

расписание автобуса 79 самара 7. January’s Story More often than not, we hear a lot from adoptive mothers, but not from adult adoptees. My childhood best friend, January, was adopted as a toddler from the Philippines, and allowed me to share her story. калинина список книг 6. Style Inspiration for the Rest of Us A friend of mine created a style blog for “average” women. I did a little Q&A with her, and her perspective clearly resonated with many of us! timberland зимняя обувь 5. The Kimball Family: From Zero to Three Kristen and Derek (remember him?) are our people. They have big hearts where there’s always room for more. She shared their international and domestic adoption experience. поезд 148 калининград москва расписание 4. Shop My Closet Adoption Fundraiser This was definitely a highlight this year! So many times, we think we’re too small to make a difference. I cleaned out my closet and we banded together to do something fun (shop!) for a Nigerian family near and dear to my heart. расписание работы русского музея в санкт петербурге 3. The Way of Tea and Justice I receive many books for review, but this part-memoir, part-history lesson was a clear front-runner on my favorite reads. And, I was able to team up with my favorite local coffee shop to offer a giveaway. So much fun!

экономика управления качеством 2. Words Matter I’ve been a lurker on the (in)courage blog and only community for a while, and I was honored to be able join them to share why words matter to me.

господарський кодекс украины 1. A Real Foster Care Adoption Story And here it is, the most-read post written this year! Kaia is hilarious and humble and her writing makes me want to be a better mom. I loved this post, and clearly, all of you did, too!

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