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изменение штатного расписания Freshly Picked was so sweet to send newborn moccasins in Petite Blush, Petite Sky, and Petite Birch. I’m having a hard time picking a favorite color. No matter baby #4’s gender, we’ve now got adorable moccs on lock. структура сложноподчиненных предложений

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honest co. giveaway (perfect for new mamas + expecting moms!)

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пробиотические препараты список Here’s a bit about the other lovely ladies you see in that photo:

  • Evi from Eyeliner and Erasers promotes a sense of empowerment and self confidence through posts about beauty, style, professionalism, motherhood, and wellness.

    Susannah from Simple Moments Stick writes from Portland, where she’s a wife to a seminary grad and mama to a little guy named Caleb. She loves encouraging women.

  • Jen from The Jen Weaver centers around daily adventures in life and faith. A new mom herself, she’s starting an exciting new series called “freshly minted” where she shares weekly refreshMINT for moms and marriages.

    Terrence from Girl Repurposed is a wife and mom living in Dallas, where her husband is studying at Dallas Theological Seminary. She’s an Ivy-league grad who is following the call to be a writer and full-time mama. песня день непослушания слова We’ve made it so easy to win, so enter below.

This is a fun one, you guys! (And there might just be a fun Instagram-only giveaway in the works as well!)

Good luck, friends! xo

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Honest Company

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adding a baby to the mix

baby girl six weeks outdoor photo adding a new baby when do you have more kids adding a third курс крони до долара When will you have kids?

That’s the question you start getting asked as soon as you say I do, if not earlier.

And when you bring a little one home, the question changes ever-so-slightly: When will you add another?

And after that happens, the question morphs a little more: How many do you think you’ll have?

I’ve been wondering what the answer is myself lately. Jonny comes from a family of six children, and I just have one brother, so I’ve always thought four children would be a sweet spot for us. And since I’m a fan of symmetry, I’ve thought we’d have two via my belly and two via adoption. Sometimes I see us in a 15-passenger van, and there are moments I think two little boys are plenty.

I know it’s kind of pointless to ponder, because you simply can’t plan births or adoptions.

I don’t know if any future kiddos will come to us as newborns or as older children. I don’t know if they’ll come via international, domestic, or foster care adoption. I don’t know if I’ll get pregnant with twins or if God will lead us to adopt a sibling group. Yes, we have some say, but so much of forming a family is beyond our control.

baby girl chevron blanket newborn photo outside vsco

With two little guys, many ask us if we want to give them a sister. I think I’d love being an all-boy mom, but after cuddling my cousin’s fresh and cuddly little baby girl Olivia, I think I could probably get used to a little lady. (I got to meet her week — and of course, I had to get out my camera. She’s so sweet and her first-time mama is doing a great job! BABIES!)

baby photography vsco baby crying baby girl and mommy

But back to me.

When is the right time to add a little one to the fam? When will Asher be okay not being the baby? Is the youngest ever okay to let go of being the baby of the house?

baby feet chevron diaper ruffle baby photo

With two kids, parents can do one-on-one combat. But add another, and you’re outnumbered. Could I still work from home with more than two? Would we still get to go on dates? Would we have to get a…minivan?! (So much moaning and gnashing of teeth!)

If you’ve made the decision to have more than two kiddos, what are your words of wisdom?

Inquiring minds want to know.

being your mama (part 2)

This Mother’s Day is extra special. I get to celebrate being the mommy of not just one, but two awesome little boys. Here’s my little note to Asher James.

Asher James announcement

Asher, being your mama has been a living lesson in just how incredible this life is.

I remember when I discovered that the master of the universe was at work in me, creating you. I remember how I surprised Daddy with the news on that early morning in July, and how he was ecstatic, and so was I. расписание электричек березайка бологое Asher, being your mama is living in constant surprise and excitement.

With wonder, I saw my body change and belly expand, as you grew from just a tiny dot into a beautiful masterpiece, God’s brushstrokes all over you.

Asher, being your mama meant feeling you move before you took your first breath. Lying in bed the night before we saw you on the monitor, I wondered aloud if you’d be a boy or a girl. And Daddy put his hand on my little bump, and you let him feel your presence for the first time. Kick, kick, kick. And I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, with a feeling we’d soon be adding another sweet son to our family.

стихи о здоровом образе жизни для школьников Being your mama left me speechless as I heard your heart thump and swish. Being your mama left my eyes blurry as I watched your little body rock and sway.

As the Creator of all things shaped and molded you, being your mama meant achy bones and 500 pillows on the bed. An itchy belly and stretchy pants in the closet. A weepy heart and crumpled tissues on the floor.

Being your mama meant being blessed by so many friends and family, far and near, who showered me with words of wisdom and sweet little things meant just for you. It meant washing tiny onesies and researching rocking chairs. It meant loving you without knowing you. статистическая таблица представляет собой And being your mama meant waiting. We passed the circled date on the calendar, but still I carried you inside of me. Grandma came and we passed the time taking long walks and eating pineapple and visiting the chiropractor and bouncing on a ball. Still, we waited.

And waited.

And then, me and Daddy checked into the hospital late on a Thursday night. When the rest of the world was sleeping, I was preparing to be awake in a whole new way. And being your mama meant letting go of some of my dreams of your arrival, and taking hold of new ones.

Being your mama meant doubling over in the worst kind of pain, but in the midst of strains and spasms, feeling a sense peace, knowing I was going to meet you after nine months of anticipation.

Would you have green eyes like me? Would you be full of energy like your brother? Would you have Daddy’s sense of wonder? (Or just his wild hair?)

имя марко поло на современной карте Being your mama meant deep breaths. In and out, in and out. It meant suddenly feeling completely unprepared. It meant gripping Daddy’s hand until it turned white, and hearing Grandma softly cheer me on as I helped you arrive. It meant closing my eyes and praying for you to be safe, as the bright lights flickered on and the nurses and the doctor crowded into our little room. It meant energy and exhaustion. It meant opening my eyes and seeing your perfectly pink little body and big bright eyes, quietly soaking in the new world you just entered.

газ 3009 технические характеристики It meant seeing you take your first breath. Feeling your soft body cuddle on my chest. Locking eyes with you, quite sure I could never look away.

Being your mama has allowed me to see God’s penmanship scrawled across even the most mundane. Your midnight feedings, your 1,000 diaper changes, your burps and spit-ups.

Being your mama means I can’t believe that you are six weeks old today.

Asher James, I think being your mama means time will pass much too quickly.

And that’s why I take so many pictures. смертельные болезни сердца список That’s why I wear you in your sling. That’s why I sleep by you. Because I want to soak in your sweetness. I want to bask in your coo’s and little whimpers. расписание сеансов в мега химки I want to etch our constant cuddles in my mind. Because soon you’ll take your first steps. Because soon you’ll be walking your big feet down an aisle to get your diploma.

Being your mama means watching your chest move up and down as I write this post, marveling over how much you’ve already changed and grown. Late last night, when all of the lights were low and it was just me and you and Daddy, resting in the quiet, you gave me a smile. A big smile. A real smile. And I could feel my heart leap.

Being your mama has meant only a few hours of sleep. Dirty dishes in the sink. Hair that needs brushed. Jeans that don’t zip.

And me, with a heart that feels it might burst from gratitude and joy, every time I hold you in my arms.

инструкции к стиральной машине lg Your name means happy and blessed, which is what being your mama has made me.

Thank you for making this Mother’s Day extra special.

I love you, Asher James Craig.

Nursery Tour + Free Printables

A is for Asher

I personalized this print here, for free!

Fresh paint and charming art on the walls. Cozy blankets washed and folded. Tiny diapers stacked and organized.

One of the best parts of anticipating a new little one is creating a nursery. A space dedicated to a new family member you haven’t met yet, but already love so much it’s quite possible your heart might explode.

I was in my element prepping Joseph’s room and reveled in the time spent finding the perfect handmade + vintage touches. But fast-forward two years and I was busy chasing the now very busy toddler around, with little time or energy left to focus on Asher’s room. Boo.

I lacked inspiration.

Until I stumbled upon a receiving blanket at a thrift store.


The colors! The modern animals! Swoon.

It turns out it was from the DwellStudio for Target Zoo bedding collection, which was only available for a limited time — a few years ago. Noooo!

I turned to eBay to nab a few more pieces from the set. I snagged a crib skirt, wall decals, and a couple stuffed toys (see above).

Then, I flexed my design muscles in Photoshop to create some custom artwork for our little man’s walls. (I was inspired by my lovely, very talented friend Ashley. You can check out her work and free printables here!)Baby Boy Modern Nursery

Using the DwellStudio design as inspiration, I designed an alphabet print:

print this - nursery alphabet blue colors with border


Click here to download the alphabet nursery free printable. 

As well as a numbers print:

Numbers Nursery Print

Click here to download the numbers nursery free printable.

Print both images as 8×10’s — also, the colors will print darker. Here’s an idea of what they’ll look like printed and framed:


Though Asher is currently sleeping in our room, I’m spending a lot of time with him in this spot in his room, and I have to say, it’s a sweet little space to spend quiet moments in.

Nursery Glider with Art

So, there’s a little tour of our nursery, and a few free printables to get you started on yours! Hope you liked it. :)

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