yes, I have my hands full (and no, you don’t have to remind me)

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пример листовки рекламной The next time you see a mom of young kids, encourage her. Tell her she’s doing a good job — I don’t know any mother who doesn’t want to hear that. Offer to carry her baby or wrangle her toddler. And if you can’t think of anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all.

эксплуатационный паспорт на огнетушитель бланк And moms in the thick of it — I see you. I see you struggling with the escaping toddler and the baby in the car seat. I see you because I am you, and I want you to know that God has equipped us for such a time as this. We come to it in different ways, and it looks different for all of us, but I do know that mothering is a gift and a sacrifice. I know that so often you feel alone, but I want you to know that you’re not. And I want you to take all the quips and side comments with a grain of salt, and remember that God has called you to this one precious life, and now is the time for living.

руки вверх ремиксы Empty hands can come later.

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  1. Absolutely love this post! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, LaPrincia! xoxo

  2. So encouraging and transparent! Thank you for sharing Kayla!(From one pair of full hands to another)

  3. Wow. I could not have said it better myself!! I have 26mo twins and a 5mo about whom I am head over heels crazy. On the rare occasion I go out with them myself I get several sympathetic looks and at least one ‘hands full’ comment. My reply is usually ‘And my heart!’ Or, the ‘God Bless you!’ is met with an enthusiastic, ‘He sure has!!’ When I’m feeling especially sassy, I tell them I want another one!! :O
    I would love a shirt or hoodie with said replies on the back & front & hood & sleeves. Sometimes I want to tatoo it on my forehead! YES, I AM busy, but I LOVE EVERY CHAOTIC MINUTE!! I know it is only a season and I’m doing all I can to jump in the leaves, dance in the snow, splash in the puddles and smell the flowers. God is GOOD and He has blessed us abundantly! How can I do ought but give Him praise?

  4. So encouraging when Moms are humble and honest about their experience. I am so in awe of you to adopt whilst pregnant. It is so wonderful of you. Keep going and enjoy these days as you say. They won’t be young for long and they will grow up the best of friends being so close in age.

    • Thank you for your sweet words! It’s so true: They won’t be young for long. <3

  5. This is just SO beautiful- and utterly true for all moms, especially the amazing moms who are called to parent many beloved children. YOU are such an inspiration, Kayla. I’m so grateful for mamas like you.


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