boy or girl? and a freshly picked moccs giveaway люстра с пультом управления

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ак барс хоккей турнирная таблица слушать детские рассказы православные

I was so thrilled to parter with Freshly Picked for a review (And giveaway! You’re going to want to keep reading, friends!), because I really wanted to know if the little leather moccasins were worth the higher-end price point. (You can snag them online or at Nordstrom.) The honest verdict: They are.

Freshly Picked moccs baby moccasin giveaway gender reveal. Adorable baby shoes. Encouragement for moms // Many Sparrows Blog by Kayla Craig

Freshly Picked moccs baby moccasin giveaway gender reveal. Adorable baby shoes. Encouragement for moms // Many Sparrows Blog by Kayla Craig среднегодовой курс евро Freshly Picked moccs would make a wonderful, thoughtful baby shower gift to go in on with one or two other people.

They’re really heirloom quality (and made in the USA!), and they’re made to take the shape to your little one’s feet. (I’ve heard that they’re great for crawlers and new walkers, but I haven’t been able to test that yet!) Eliza has teeny feet, so she is still in the newborn (size 0) size. проект дома 53 53 I like that so many color options are gender neutral, which means the soft-soled shoes could be passed on from child to child.
Freshly Picked moccs baby moccasin giveaway gender reveal. Adorable baby shoes. Encouragement for moms // Many Sparrows Blog by Kayla Craig простая основа слова Freshly Picked was so sweet to send newborn moccasins in Petite Blush, Petite Sky, and Petite Birch. I’m having a hard time picking a favorite color. No matter baby #4’s gender, we’ve now got adorable moccs on lock.

Freshly Picked moccs baby moccasin giveaway gender reveal. Adorable baby shoes. Encouragement for moms // Many Sparrows Blog by Kayla Craig политическое поведение презентация 11 класс What do you think? Will it be an even split of boys + girls? Or will Eliza and I be outnumbered? Only time will tell. (Though, I won’t lie — I wouldn’t hate it if baby decided to make his/her arrival sooner rather than later!)

giveaway! чесночное масло инструкция Freshly Picked moccs baby moccasin giveaway gender reveal. Adorable baby shoes. Encouragement for moms // Many Sparrows Blog by Kayla CraigI’m so thrilled to join Freshly Picked in a giveaway of one pair of soft-soled baby moccasins. Lucky you, you’ll get to pick the size + color for your little one. I’ll randomly pick a winner on March 28. Good luck!

черный список руководителей Enter below!

One Pair of Freshly Picked Soft Sole Moccasins

a true story of hope: the world is smaller than we think Лапчик методика преподавания информатики Leading up to the five-year mark of the Syrian war, CARE invited a handful of former World War II refugees — original CARE Package recipients in 1940s Europe — to write letters of hope to Syrian refugee children. Some truly moving connections have emerged between people who, though separated by decades and distance, share so much.

габриелян таблица менделеева When I hear of the Syrian refugee crisis, I often think of my great-grandparents, who fled Germany with their two young daughters during WWII.

Their ability to resettle in the U.S. was only because of the kindness, compassion, and generosity of an Iowa family.

I grew up hearing the story told and re-told. My great-grandmother — in the middle of an air raid with sirens blaring — made her way under a tunnel where winter coats from America were being distributed. She received a couple of random coats and left.

Later, when she put on the wool coat, her hand found a small, folded note, tucked away in a pocket. There, in inky scrawl, was a note from a family in Iowa, sharing that they were praying for the recipient. An address was included.

She wrote to them, they wrote to her, and the Iowa family became sponsors for their immigration. They helped my great-grandparents and their girls secure passage to the U.S., and opened their home to them when they arrived.

Hearts healed. Lives changed. Futures altered. 

лечебные свойства сосновых шишок All because of a seemingly random letter.

All because of compassion from the other side of the world.

it’s happening today уроки проектирования в автокаде Intense fighting in Syria has forcibly displaced more people today than any other country – and there is no end in sight to the conflict.

It’s considered the worst humanitarian crisis since the second World War.

Every day, thousands of Syrians flee violence to seek out food, protection, medical care and other urgently-needed aid.

рич фэмили новосибирск каталог игрушек There are 12 million people inside Syria displaced or in desperate need of humanitarian aid. At least half of the displaced are children. 


sending hope #withsyria

CARE, a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting poverty of the oppressed, has connected WWII survivors who were refugees as children with Syrian children who are current refugees.

These survivors, who were recipients of the world’s first CARE Packages, are paying it forward 70 years later, sending compassion — and so much more — to Syrian refugee children. The result? Deeply moving connections between people who, though separated by decades and distance, share so much.

Care to Syrian Refugees letters from WWII survivors compassion and love Many Sparrows blog

Care to Syrian Refugees letters from WWII survivors compassion and love Many Sparrows blog

Care to Syrian Refugees letters from WWII survivors compassion and love Many Sparrows blog

Care to Syrian Refugees letters from WWII survivors compassion and love Many Sparrows blog

You really have to watch some of these stories (and read the WWII survivors’ letters) for yourself. самолет ростов волгоград расписание They’re incredible, and include correspondence from:

  • Former child war refugee Gunter Nitsch, now 78 and living in Chicago, shared his story – and more — with 8-year-old Zaher, a Syrian refugee in Jordan.
  • When 16-year-old Sajeda opened the letter from 87-year-old Helga, she couldn’t have known how it would bridge the distance — and the decades — between them.
  • Hope is exactly what Renata Senter wished to express when she wrote to 13-year-old Duha. “I would like to get to know you and hope that I will be able to help you … achieve your goal.”
  • Joe feels a kinship with 12-year-old Shadi, and it doesn’t end with their shared child-war-refugee experience.

CARE has created a free online letter writing portal so all of us can write a very short letter of support to a Syrian refugee child. A selection of these messages will be translated into Arabic and shared with Syrian refugee children. Here’s what I wrote:

Things might be hard right now, and maybe even sad or scary. You can be brave. There are people around the world who love you and are praying for you. Stay strong, and don’t lose hope. There is always hope. I love you!

I really encourage you to hop over and write a quick letter.

Syrians inside and outside of Syria have endured five years of war. Millions have been forced from their homes, seeking refuge in other countries.

I know writing a letter is such a seemingly small thing, but really, it can mean so very much. Never underestimate the power of words, and the power of hope. Reassure them that they are not forgotten. That you care. Send your message of hope. нива технические характеристики It can be all the difference in the world to know you’re not alone.

Please also consider making a donation toward sending a CARE package for a Syrian refugee family. CARE has a high Charity Navigator rating, and a donation of any amount helps.

Care to Syrian Refugees letters from WWII survivors compassion and love Many Sparrows blog

If you’re unable to contribute monetarily, please join me in sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter to help share about the hope-filled work CARE is doing to come alongside children and families who are in a very dark situation. объединение германии и проблемы последующего развития This isn’t about politics or nationalities or any other lines in the sand that we draw to divide us. This is about compassion. About hope. About letting hurting people know they are not forgotten.

And that’s something I’m incredibly grateful for.

маршрут 252 автобуса москва After all, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for someone scribbling a small little letter of hope and prayerfully tucking it away in a donated jacket.


Photos courtesy of CARE.

more alike than different: world down syndrome day

World Down Syndrome Day Down Syndrome Adoption Many Sparrows Blog кекс с шоколадной крошкой Today, 3-21, is World Down Syndrome Day, and my first of many celebrating as a mama to a little one with Down syndrome.

By no means am I an expert on the extra chromosome, but I’m eager to share a bit of our story — a bit of Eliza’s story — with you.

When we learned of sweet baby with Down syndrome waiting for a family, Jonny and I both had misconceptions and myths pop into our heads. We don’t know until we know.

World Down Syndrome Day Down Syndrome Adoption Many Sparrows Blog

срок уплаты алиментов I am grateful for families and people who have been touched by Down syndrome that I have had the privilege of watching and learning from, which helped confirm our “yes” toward Down syndrome adoption. I have seen the joy and value of each life God has created, and most of all — I have learned that we are more alike than different. расписание электричек иловайск ясиноватая So, here are four quick things I’ve learned about Down syndrome:

  • поздравление сестре на 25 лет What is it? Down syndrome occurs when a person has an extra copy of chromosome 21. This extra genetic material can cause delays in the way a child develops. Down syndrome is a lifelong condition. With care and support, children who have Down syndrome can grow up to have healthy, happy, productive lives. (Babies with Down syndrome are not only born to “old” moms — and what triggers the extra chromosome is still unknown.)
  • достичь результатов условия для открытия What’s normal? Each baby, child, and adult with Down syndrome is different. We don’t define people who have Down syndrome as “one of them” or “a Down’s baby” — each person has unique qualities, strengths, and challenges. At three months, Eliza is much more like a “typical” child than a child with Down syndrome. She has strong muscle tone, rolls over, and holds her head up.She sleeps through the night and has earned the nickname of little snuggle bug due to her love of cuddles. She giggles, coos, and even belly laughs when something is really funny. My hope is not to hold unrealistic expectations over her, but at the same time, empower her. One of the most common things young adults with Down syndrome express? “Don’t limit me.”
  • мне без тебя одиноко стихи Will she have health issues? We are so very grateful that Eliza has not had eating or feeding issues, and her congenital heart defects look to be healing on their own. As we have done with any of our other children, we will continue to have check-ups with proper doctors, specialists, and therapists to make sure we’re doing all we can to keep her healthy and strong. While there are medical conditions associated with Down syndrome (including heart and intestinal problems, visual and hearing loss, thyroid function fluctuations, leukemia) no person will have them all. Down syndrome is very rarely a complex or severe disability. It is more commonly described by experts today as a ‘mild to moderate developmental delay‘.
  • журнал домашняя коллекция из санкт петербурга схемы What does the future hold? People with Down syndrome have as much hope for the future as you and me. So much has changed, even in the last 10 years. In 1983, the average life expectancy of a person with Down syndrome was a mere 25-years-old. Today, it’s 60. While behavior, mental ability, and physical development varies from person to person, many people with Down syndrome grow up to hold jobs, live independently, and enjoy normal recreational activities. College, career, marriage…these are possibilities, and the more we support inclusion, the more hope becomes reality!

World Down Syndrome Day Down Syndrome Adoption Many Sparrows Blog

Community is so important in the parenting journey, and having people who “get it” is even more important when you’re parenting a child with special needs. I’m so grateful to have connected with Jen Jacobs through a mutual friend. Jen is a fellow Iowan and mama to a little one with Down syndrome, and she formed the nonprofit Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network and co-wrote  основные типы государства The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome: Advice, Information, Inspiration, and Support for Raising Your Child from Diagnosis through Adulthood.

This book is written with compassion (not fear!) and clearly walks you through key points to expect as you raise a little one with Down syndrome. It includes lots of excerpts from real-life parents, and it’s easy to flip to the chapter you need. It’s clear and easy-to-read (not overly medical, which some Down syndrome books are). It uses positive language and I’m so grateful to have it in my toolbox.

World Down Syndrome Day Down Syndrome Adoption Many Sparrows Blog бмв 330 е46 технические характеристики What I want you to know is that Eliza is a blessing, not a burden.

She is treasured and loved and we are so grateful for the profound privilege we get in raising her. She makes the world sparkle by just being her, and the joy she has brought our family and friends is palpable. I pray I’m worthy of the calling of being her mommy. Eliza has two older brothers who love her beyond words and a daddy who would do just about anything to make her happy and make sure she knows just how loved she is. чосер кентерберийские рассказы Happy World Down Syndrome Day!


little love letters from God

Little Love Letters from God book review and giveaway Many Sparrows blog. Parenting, motherhood, Christian living, Easter, Zondervan, Zonderkidz заявление о совершении нотариального действия Reading to our children is so important.

And in this season of babies and toddlers, I’m all for finding sweet books that share the story of God’s big love. We’re fans of Love Letters from God, which was such a big hit that Glenys Nellist and Zondervan released Little Love Letters from God — a board book edition made just for little hands.

пассивное охлаждение процессора своими руками This whimsical, rhyming Bible storybook keeps Asher’s attention, and studies have shown that babies as young as Eliza (three months!) benefit from being read to as well.

Each spread has a scripture reference, and a beautiful (not boring!) rhyming Bible story. There’s a “God’s Wonderful Words to You” blurb that gives an easy-to-remember verse, and my favorite part is the “Your Little Love Letter from God” lift-the-flap note, which personalizes the story.

Little Love Letters from God book review and giveaway Many Sparrows blog. Parenting, motherhood, Christian living, Easter, Zondervan, Zonderkidz

статусы о недоверии в отношениях The illustrations are charming, aren’t they?

When picking children’s Bible story books, we’re intentional about finding brown skin tones, and the illustrator has done a such a beautiful job of bringing these people and stories to life.

giveaway time!

козлова 3 на карте I’m partnering with Zonderkidz to give a copy of Little Love Letters from God to one of you as well! This would be a perfect Easter basket addition. лучшая совместимость для близнецов женщин To enter: Hop over to my Instagram here and follow the instructions! xo

yes, I have my hands full (and no, you don’t have to remind me)

If You Think My Hands Are Full You Should See My Heart // Motherhood Many Sparrows Blog лекарство трамал инструкция Yes, my hands are full.

единый квалификационный справочник профессий украины No, I don’t need you to pull me aside at the grocery store or the church lobby to remind me.

I’m a busy mama to busy little ones. We have an incredibly active five-year-old, an almost three-year-old, and a precious little two-month old. In April, we’ll welcome baby #4, and we’ll have four kids ages five and under. Our family doesn’t look like other families, so I’ve come to expect occasional second-glances and unsolicited comments. But recently, as we’ve welcomed Eliza into our family through adoption and my bump continues to grow, I’ve been receiving the “OH, your hands are full!” and “OH, you’re going to have your hands full!” remarks at an increasing rate.

A few weeks ago, we stopped at a fast-food restaurant for lunch. My kids were thrilled at the rare treat and sat with me in a booth while Jonny stood in line to order. The boys were being super calm, and Eliza was sleeping in her carseat. It was actually the most peaceful I think our tribe could have possibly been, and I was feeling pretty awesome.

But thank goodness, an older woman made her way to our booth to pop that bubble. She felt it her duty to inform me of her observation that I had my hands full, with a little side-eye and passive-aggressive condescension for good measure. “Hands full, heart full!” I replied back to her with a smile, to which she awkwardly had no response and huffed away.

I laughed to myself, because from the way I was sitting in the booth she couldn’t have even possibly been able to tell that I was pregnant and we were expecting another babe soon. If she knew that, she might have choked on her cheeseburger. расписание 2 маршрута мытищи The thing is, my hands are full. Really full. I often feel ill-equipped for the life God has given me. I’m tired. We spend a lot of time at home, because taking lots of littles anywhere is a huge feat in and of itself. And that can start to feel pretty lonely. Add the doubt and worry and fear that sneak into this mama’s heart, and I’m under no illusion that I don’t have my hands full. God has given me precious gifts and I’m just praying I raise and love them well.

назовите основные виды почв россии Our life is so full, are hearts are so full, and I am so grateful.

What I want you to know is that I’m tired, but I’m happy. These sweet little ones fill us with joy that goes beyond what I could ever deserve. They are truly gifts of grace.

I am so grateful that God saw our open hearts and blessed us through adoption and birth. I am humbled to play a role in these little ones’ lives. Nothing is more refining than parenthood, and I’m floored that my life looks the way it does. работа в ставрополе резюме The next time you see a mom of young kids, encourage her. Tell her she’s doing a good job — I don’t know any mother who doesn’t want to hear that. Offer to carry her baby or wrangle her toddler. And if you can’t think of anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all.

мазда премаси технические характеристики And moms in the thick of it — I see you. I see you struggling with the escaping toddler and the baby in the car seat. I see you because I am you, and I want you to know that God has equipped us for such a time as this. We come to it in different ways, and it looks different for all of us, but I do know that mothering is a gift and a sacrifice. I know that so often you feel alone, but I want you to know that you’re not. And I want you to take all the quips and side comments with a grain of salt, and remember that God has called you to this one precious life, and now is the time for living. расписание автобуса волгодонск санкт петербург Empty hands can come later.

Graphic via Studio Calico

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