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  1. Madison

    I loved this! I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means and looks like to be a Christian introvert and have been trying to find a way for the two to connect. This was a great example of how the two can exist together. Although most people who know me would say I’m an extrovert, I think it’s more of a learned behavior rather than who I really am inside. It’s nice to hear other stories of introverts who are learning to balance their love for the kingdom and sharing Jesus with their natural inclination to smaller groups and more intimate relationships.

  2. jeremyanderberg

    Thanks, Madison. I’m also outgoing, depending on the day. You’re right, you kind of learn to almost “hide” your introversion. The book I mentioned is a super great resource. There’s also one specifically for and about Christians called Introverts in the Church by Adam McHugh. Best of luck on your journey! :)

  3. nicmarie17

    Great words Jeremy. As someone who most would consider an extrovert, I have many introverted tendencies. I’ve learned so much about community from Gateway and the Influence Network that has forever changed my perspective on what it means to live life WITH people. I am incredibly grateful for those connections but I also recognize the value in daily alone time with Jesus in prayer and bible reading. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here- fantastic stuff!

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